Managed IT Services

It is not a good idea to wait until your technology has broken down. Especially if you were in the middle of a project. OCI offers a great maintenance agreement that will give you peace of mind. Our technicians can be scheduled accordingly and be be on-site or access your systems remotely to manage your technology.

Great Benefits
  • Low downtime - We look through everything and identify issues before they can cause problems.
  • Yearly budgeting - We can help give you an idea of what to budget annually for your technology.
  • Less disruptions - With regular maintenance, issues do not becomes as big, and downtime is minimized.
Unlike other managed IT service offerings, OCI has customized solutions to meet your needs. After all, everyone has different needs. Our technicians are customer service oriented and have a great deal of industry knowledge.

If you want to discuss further details, give us a call: (502) 499-7755